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How to answer “Why should we hire you?” Short Answer

This is an extremely common interview question so if you haven’t come across it yet, the chances are that you will. On the face of it, it’s a totally reasonable question for the company to ask (they do want to hire the best people, after all) but it’s so direct that it catches a lot of people off guard. This is what the question is designed to do so it will reflect very highly on you if you have a good answer prepared.

The first step is to think honestly about what it is that you would bring to a role – Are you hard-working, technical and/or innovative? Do you have any experience or expertise in a related area? Next, you need to link your abilities to that specific company and role – think what it is that they need, what you would be looking for If you were in their shoes. Does the role call for new ideas and innovation? Does it call for experience, expertise and a practiced-hand? There really is no right answer for this so long as you can evidence your abilities (do you have a qualification, experience, extra-curricular skills?) and explain why the company should value it. Be humble, clear and be prepared with your response!

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